Truth in a Post Modern World

July 08, 2018

This sermon examines the humanity and divinity of Jesus and why we should appreciate the sacrifices Jesus made by living among us and what it means for us today.

Living in the Darkness

July 01, 2018

This sermon explores how our relationship with God can help us overcome sin. He compares dog fur to sin in a clever analogy.

Who’s Your Neighbor

June 03, 2018

This is a sermon about figuring out who your neighbor is and how to find ways to try and love other people.

Get At It

by Ben Mathis of Mission HOPE

May 13, 2018

This sermon highlights special contributions of mothers, Mission HOPE’s mission to assist with human trafficking in other countries and finding and shining the light of Jesus in your everyday life.

Partners in the Good News

by Rev. Dr. Russ Weekley

May 06, 2018