Bats –
First of all – what does your child know about bats? Let them tell you!
Main Vocabulary Words – Echolocation and Nocturnal
Fine Motor Skill Practice – Bat Cookie Cutter Painting!  Items Needed: Piece of Paper, Paint, and Bat Cookie Cutters
-Have child pinch cookie cutter
-dip cookie cutter in paint
-place cookie cutter on sheet.  The paint on the cookie cutter will make a bat print!
Outside – around sunset, go outside and look for bats.  They are fairly easy to spot, because they have an erratic flight pattern.  Mrs. Jessica has little brown bats around her house. If you take your child for a walk on the Lilburn Greenway, look for the bat boxes.
Rhyming – Words that rhyme with bat.  We usually clap the words (Bat, Hat, Cat, Mat, Splat, Fat, Gnat, Sat, etc etc).  A good book to read for words to rhyme with Bat is Cat in the Hat!!!
Song – there is a song to the tune “Are You Sleeping?-Frere Jacques” on Youtube
Bat Coloring Sheets – Bats coloring pages | Free Coloring Pages

Another great Fine Motor activity- cut out a bat shape from construction paper, tape it to a straw. Have your child fly their “bat” around the house, taking care to fly quickly and change directions quickly, just like a bat does.
There are also several bat book read alouds on the Youtube channel.
Thanks! Jessica Fincher