Hi Jungle Cubs 6 family!

     I miss you all!  I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping busy.  As we go through this upcoming week, let us remember Psalm 121:1…”Where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord…”
     I have put together some simple ideas to implement in the upcoming week.  Our focus is on Jesus, that “He is not here, He has risen!”. Read your child the Easter story (or watch YouTube Beginner’s Bible The Easter Story).
These are some ideas for the week:
–learn the Bible verse
–take a set of plastic Easter eggs and put a number (1-12) on one half with a sharpie, and on the other half, put dots (.  ..  … Etc.). Put the halves in a sensory bin (sand, rice Easter grass?) and have your child match the egg halves (1 and one dot).
–let your child use children’s scissors to cut colorful pieces of paper.  Have them glue these onto a cross to make it look like “stained glass”.
–make Rice Krispy treats and use plastic eggs as a mold!
–go on an Easter egg hunt
–use fun cookie cutters (ovals, cross, rabbit, flower) with playdough or use them in paint and make an Easter print
–put sugar in a cookie sheet to cover the bottom.  “Draw” lines, shapes, letters in your homemade etch-a-sketch!
–go to YouTube and watch Clifford’s Happy Easter (read aloud) and Olivia and the Easter Egg Hunt
Have fun and stay well!!  ❤️Ms. Dawn