It was so nice talking to all of you last week!  Ms. Stephanie will be contacting you  about our  “contactless pick up” of your child’s belongings on Friday.

     This week we will explore the fun springtime theme of “water”.  With the weather getting warmer, water is an easy and fun way for your child to learn!
-Sink or Float Experiment
  Fill up a clear tub and have your child collect a variety of objects that you don’t mind getting wet.  Have your child guess whether the object will sink to the bottom of float on top.
-What happens with oil and water?
  Place baby oil in a shallow dish.  Collect a few cups and put water in each.  Add 3-5 drops of food coloring (one color per cup).  Give your child an eyedropper to squirt the colored water into the oil.  Watch what happens!!!!
-“Melting” experiment
  Set up a cup with water, sugar water, salt water, no water.  Put an ice cube in each cup and try to guess which ice cube will melt first?  Last?
Make your own puffy paint:
  3/4 cup shaving cream
  1/4 cup white school glue
  1/4 cup flour
   Mix and divide into portions.  Make each portion a different color using food colors.  Put each batch in a squeeze bottle (like a condiment bottle).  Have your child squeeze the paint and make a picture!
Frozen paint:
  Pour your paint into an ice cube tray and and place a popsicle stick in each cube after it has begun to freeze.  Once frozen, your child can use them to paint a lovely picture!
Tissue paper painting:
  Cut squares of different colored tissue paper.  Have your child lay the tissue paper down on a white sheet of paper and have your child use a sponge to pay the tissue down with water.  As the tissue dries, they will fall off and leave beautiful colors behind.
Use watercolors with a small brush to paint a springtime picture. Use Claude Monet’s “Water Lillies” as an inspiration!
Another way to enjoy watercolors is to sprinkle salt on the wet areas of your child’s watercolor painting.  The salt creates a unique effect!
  Fill up a bin with water and make a “pouring station”.   Add different containers in the bin and some small pitchers to practice pouring and filling.  Add a turkey baster for transferring water from container to container.  A great fine motor activity!
  Place small rocks into an ice cube tray and fill each cube with water.  Freeze.  Put your frozen rocks in a bin with some cups of salt water and a child’s wooden hammer and let your child have fun getting the rocks out of the ice.
  Make a set of counting sticks using popsicle sticks and shaped pasta (zoo animals, etc.). Place the numbers 1-5 on the bottom of the stick and glue one shape on the one stick, etc.  Your child can use these counting sticks to make imprints in playdough.
Are you my mother?  by P.D.Eastman
We want to wish all of our Mothers (and Grandmothers) a Happy Mother’s Day!!
Make sure to take some “you” time!