Hi Jungle Cubs 6 family!

     It was so good to hear from all of you this week and to know that everyone is  doing well! I am sending an early Happy birthday 🎂to Grayson!
     Our class has learned to “help one another” and to “be kind to one another”.  Please share anything that your family is doing to uplift others during this time!  If you are able to contribute, the Lilburn Co-op needs food donations. Helping Mamas, a non-profit in Norcross, also has a wishlist on Amazon to help mothers in need in our area.  One of the staff members for this non-profit sent her children to Good Shepherd Preschool!
      This week, we will focus on the life cycles of butterflies and frogs.  Our main book will be The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (read on YouTube).  You can also find a good presentation of Five Green and Speckled Frogs (the Learning Station on YouTube).
Some activities for you to choose from:
Gross motor:
-Play balloon volleyball
-Draw “bugs” on the sidewalk with chalk and have your child “jump on”, “hop on”, “stomp on”, “stand on” them (when you call the action out to your child).
-Draw a hopscotch board and have your child practice hopping on one foot
-Get a flyswatter. Place cut out shapes around your yard.  Have your child “swat” the shape that you call out (or substitute alphabet letters or colors).
-Put shaving cream on a tray and have your child “write” (circles, lines, letters)
-Butterfly life cycle:
A butterfly begins as an egg.  Cut a leaf shape and have your child glue on rice grains for eggs
-Find a craft stick and glue cotton balls or pompoms on it to make a caterpillar.
-Paint a TP tube brown to make a “chrysalis”.
-Use a coffee filter and have your child color it with markers.  Pinch it in the middle and wrap with a bread tie, the ends becoming antenna.
-Now your caterpillar can go into his chrysalis and can come out a butterfly!
-Cut various sizes of circles.  Have your child put the circles in order from small to large.  Have your child use a crayon to add eyes, antenna and multiple legs.
Frog life cycle:
-Divide a paper plate into 4 sections.
-eggs- Glue some googly eyes down
-tadpole- Have your child make a brown fingerprint with paint. Add a tail and eyes.
-froglet- Paint a cup from an egg carton green.  Add legs and a tail. Glue down.
-frog- Paint another cup from an egg carton. Add 4 legs. Glue down.
Language development:
-Make up a story about a caterpillar (or 🐸) with your child.  Write it down and have your child illustrate each page.  Now you have a “book” that your child can read to you!
-Fill a bin with bird seed, green lentils, or dried black beans. Add what you have:
tweezers, small bucket, scoop, bug catcher, plastic bugs, plastic flowers, pom poms, small net, etc.
-proper hand washing
-putting on clothes, shoes
-working on buttons, snaps, zippers
Be creative, email pics and have fun!
❤️Ms. Dawn