Hey Jungle Cubs!!!
Ms.Kelly and Ms.Ansley have really enjoyed talking to you guys.  We are super excited about seeing you for Summer Camp!! Here is the link if you haven’t had a chance to sign up https://goodshepherdpc.org/preschoolforms/.
We would love to drop off a special activity on your front porch on Thursday afternoon. Kelly and I will post a video so the kiddos can do the activity along with the video. Please email or text me if you would prefer we didn’t stop by (abradley@goodshepherdpc.org or 470-699-4589)
This week we are continuing our journey of learning about plants. We will learn about the cycle from a seed to a plant.
We found this book very helpful to describe how a seed becomes a plant.
We know the kids love music our songs this week are “One seed” “We are the dinosaurs” and “Rocket Ship Run”(btw I know the last 2 have nothing to do with plants but they really enjoy the songs) by Laurie Berkner:
we do this one with scarves:🚀
This one we make space to move around the room to march like dinosaurs:
After the music session, we feel a little zen time is in order! Here is a link for kids yoga and poses: