You’re invited to join us for a virtual parenting workshop!  In 1 hour you will learn new, practical tools that will make a difference in your family.

This month, join other parents and one of our Family Specialists as we tackle topics that every parent faces:


January 20, 5:30 PM | “Who’s In Charge?” with Sarah “Say” Spencer, LCSW

Personal power is all about inner strength and the ability to get our needs met in appropriate ways. But we are not born with this innate ability, and it’s up to parents to create an environment where children learn to use their personal power in a positive way. Come meet other parents in your area while you learn about techniques for reducing power struggles and positive parenting strategies to help your child learn healthy personal power.


January 21, 6:00 PM | “Nurtured vs Spoiled” with Jordan O’Keefe, LMSW

Praise helps children feel good about

themselves, but many parents fear that too much positive recognition will make their child conceited or spoiled. As a parent, it can be hard to navigate all the opinions of society, our friends, and even our families, especially when they cause us to second-guess our parenting decisions. Come have fun and meet other parents in your community while we work together to tease apart all the myths and facts about what REALLY spoils children.


To register, at no cost, go to:   Parenting Workshop Registration – Thornwell


We are also excited to facilitate a special time of connection between parents and children – check out a Nurture Group!


January 27, 5:30 PM | “Building Trust” Nurture Group with Rena Dumas, LMSW

This group will be a fun, interactive time between caregivers and children (you are welcome to bring all of your children) where activities are utilized to enhance connection through play.


To register, at no cost, go to: Nurture Group Registration – Thornwell


We hope to see you there!