I have enjoyed talking to the children very much these last two weeks.  As I mentioned on GroupMe, if we were in school we would be doing the letter “V” for Vincent Vampire Bat and a mini-unit on Bats.  Our book for the week was intended to be Stellaluna.  However, I intended to check it out from the Gwinnett County Library, which is still closed. I do have several books about bats, and I will be providing links to me reading the stories online once I get the ins and outs of recording and posting done.
First of all, know again how much Mrs. Lorie and I miss your children each day.  Please also do not worry about them “falling behind,”  The experiences they are having at home with you provide a valuable foundation; learning can be found in most activities.  In addition, these lesson ideas are meant to provide a launching pad and in no way should you feel judged if you choose not to do them. I am here to support you as a parent whether through lesson plans, phone conversation, prayer, etc.
There are other resources through lesson plans on this blog. I noticed Mrs. Phyllis (Jungle Cubs) has some incredible Easter egg art activities that your child would love.  I may do the plastic egg painting with my 9 year old. :),
Finally, I am not very good with electronics. Matt, my husband, has helped me set up a Youtube channel so that it is easier to record myself reading and singing.  You can get there by clicking on the links BUT I think I have the privacy settings set where you can only find me if you have the link.
Here is the Youtube link to what Ms. Janet has posted with me singing This is the Day and the Fruit of the Spirit.  This is also on the blog, and, if I am smart enough, I will put the links on GroupMe.  Your child may (or may not) notice–I have pink streaks in my hair now.