Happy Tuesday Jungle Cubs!!!
Ms.Kelly and I will be coming around again in 2 weeks. ( I will confirm a date next week) We noticed we have some of your child’s diapers and a few other belongings we will bring when we come to deliver your child’s end of the year gift. Please let us know if you need anything.
This week’s theme is  Under the Sea! We will learn about what sea creatures live in the ocean, do a fun craft, and some outdoor water play.
Click on our friend, the dolphin, for a great video about sea life!
Do you have a water table or bins laying around? If so, here is an idea…
-Sand and Water Center- Set up the water table so you have two tubs of one for sand and one for water. You can even color it blue with food-grade dye if you want. Put some cars, trucks, and trains on the land and some boats in the ocean. If you have any sea animals you could add them as well.